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Playful Rings Celebrating Food and Drink

Food inspirations Part 1 of 2 has the most delightful rings I have ever seen -all inspired by food and drinks. Are they practical? No. But they do show playfulness and a whole lot of creativity and individuality.

The site does not mention the artisan which is a pity because owning one of the 18 rings shown would be fun. Talk about a conversation piece at the next dinner party! (Update : A reader just located the Etsy store of a Japanese artisan: Souzou Creations - the rings are very affordable so check it out.)

Here are my favorites from the collection :


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  1. NO WAY! I am going to have to look at these again and again to get them to register. TOO TOO CUTE AND FUNNY!

  2. Oh my...certainly would be something to talk about! Such an imagination!!!


  3. Holy those are fun! The beer ring and the coffee ring are my favorites! I'd probably have to have something like that in pendant form, since I would more than likely break my ring bashing it into something. These are so creative, I just love them!

  4. What an adorable idea, I love the coffee one!

  5. I think this might be the artist making the rings:
    /maria nyberg

  6. Thanks Falskblondin for the sleuthing! I have amended the post to give the credit.

  7. What an adorable idea, I love the coffee one!


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