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Yesterday's post on tatted jewelry tutorials garnered a number of comments. Two people reminded me about TotusMel, an amazing inspirational tatting artisan. Thanks Emi (For the Love of Beads) and Mikki (The Beaded Carpet)!(Update : I've just added her Queen's Feet free tutorial in yesterday's post)

California based Pamela Quevedo is the successful designer behind TotusMel Tats on Etsy. When you peek in her shop, you can see why. She is not only very good but highly creative, churning out original mask designs as well as some of the prettiest and sometimes sexiest jewelry I ever seen. If you weren't sure about tatting as a jewelry technique, her work will convince you otherwise.

I had the hardest time choosing a few designs from her work! So check out her store for loads more. Although the designs shown here are black, she does work in different colors especially for custom orders.  Pamela does needle tatting i.e. she doesn't use a shuttle. Pamela also writes a blog.

This is one of her slave bracelet-cum- ring designs. It reminds me of Indian jewelry styles.

This design is called Metal and Lace and was created as an Etsy challenge.


My absolute favorites have to be her anklets which she calls ankle corsets. So if you have a foot fetish, you now know where to go!

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  1. You are more than welcome! I love her work and have been having a really hard time deciding which piece I want most! (Luckily the prizes are super reasonable so maybe I can pick more than one)
    Thanks for the link =)


  2. How great you did this! I do think TotusMel is not only keeping the art of tatting alive but she's making it relevant today with her designs. I wonder how many people have tried tatting after seeig her work.

  3. I so agree with you Mikki. The way to keep an old craft alive is to present in modern context. Well, I for one will be looking for a new shuttle. I don't think my mother is going to buy another for me now!!

  4. I agree with you Pearl - my favorite are the ankle corsets! They are beautiful!!

  5. Love the uniqueness! Ahhh...I'm so far behind in reading...I'd say never take vacation but hey, ya gotta sometime right?

  6. omg i want i want i want!!! the ankle corsets are sexy!!!

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  8. TotusMel is incredible. I have been in awe of her and her work ever since I ran across her on Etsy. And those ankle corsets--I NEED them!

  9. Her work is exquisite! Those anklet corsets are amazing.


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