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Bling Beetle : Woman bought LIVE gem encrusted beetle as a brooch

I twittered about this news stories first thing this morning. But I am sufficiently disgusted by it to want to let blog readers know too. A woman bought a LIVE jewel and gold encrusted beetle brooch complete with attached chain in Mexico. She declared it at a Texas customs station upon entry into the US. Officials confiscated the poor thing. The woman was not charged because she had properly declared it as all moving insects (and potential pests) have to be. This screen capture is from the Guardian video.

According to the Daily Mail (which has more pictures), Jackie O might have been given one too when she was First Lady.  The practice is apparently not uncommon in some places. Beetles have been jewelry inspirations for centuries. There's nothing wrong with having a gold or silver beetle pin but a living creature doesn't deserve to be treated like this.  Did the woman even think about feeding the beetle to keep it alive?

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  1. Okay um . . YUK!! I would feel very sorry for the thing. Who thinks of this kind of stuff???

  2. Okay, now that is just not right...why would someone what to do that in the first place and why would someone purchase it...beyond my???


  3. Ewwww, this is just wrong. I mean come on -are we that short of ideas that we have to start hurting things? And what about the morals of the person who bought it. ugh. disgusting I tell you.

  4. I remember seeing a TV report about this a few years ago, it seemed to be a fad with people who have more money thann sense.

  5. I think that if you can afford it get...and for those of you that can't,leave us alone...


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