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Many of you already know I own cats - see my cat earrings here. I'm very fond of them but sometimes I have to wonder who owns whom. Think about it - my cats don't have to work and get to sleep all day on many comfy beds. They have a warm home which also comes with restaurant and maid service!

They're independent and yes, even sassy at times. So I chuckled when I saw Out of the Pink Sky on Etsy's cat butt earrings. Shown here are her orange tiger shorthair, black and white, Sushi (her cat) cat butt earrings.

This Ohio based artisan says lots of people like cat butts which must be true as these featured earrings are in her sold section. She once read a humor book devoted to this subject!

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  1. OMG Pearl - you made me laugh today! This is hilarious - I want a pair of these earrings. Just think of the conversations you would have when you wear them. I can top your cat stories - I sometimes have to carry my new cat downstairs for breakfast to get her to eat!!

  2. Hilarious! What a great find! My cats certainly think they are lords of the house and its hard to argue with them when I come home from work to find them blinking sleepily at me and stretching after a long hard day of... sleep. lol

  3. Butt I love them! I have lots of cat stories too...what fun they are!

  4. Your video was priceless cute...I have a great many cat stories myself!!! They do the funniest things sometimes!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my catbutt earrings! Just an FYI - I'll do custom orders. I've even had people send me photos of their cat's rear for me to work from! :D

  6. OMG! These are tooooo funny! I'm not really sure I could wear them but they are definately unique! And for sure they are conversation starters.

  7. OMG! I am in luv with these cuties:) Where i can buy them?

  8. Just click on the artisan shop link in the post and you can then purchase these awesome kitty butt earrings!

  9. There's nothing like a cat meow button staring you in the face when you are talking with someone....


    1. It would be fun seeing how their attention wanders! LOL!


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