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Hisssssterically awesome snake earrings

I personally don't like snakes but I have to admit I do like clever snake earring designs (see my past post on the Cold Hearted Snake earpiece).  I also found this pair totally cool. It's part ear cuff and earring because the snake wraps around the ear as well as goes through the ear hole.

I'll bet you're wondering how it works. This next picture should answer your question.  The post must screw on to the other side. The Snake Pass Through Ear Cuff is made from  pewter and is available for just $26.50!

Along the same lines is the Silver Serpent hoop earrings made from recycled enamel with green Austrian crystals for eyes.  This design unfortunately conjures up memories of the parasitology course I once took in university.  But I have to admit, they are clever hoop adaptations nonetheless.

The Snake Ear Cuff is nicely made and goes well with the diamond stud earring - like the snake was ready to eat it?


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  1. Fantastic earrings - Totally unusual. I've never seen anything like them before.

  2. I love that first earring. The way it wraps over and around the ear is incredible! I love making slave earrings, but I think I'm going to have to get myself one of those.

  3. Hello. I would love to buy those silver serpent hoop earrings. Tell me how much they cost and where to buy them. You would do me a great favor if i can obtain those earrings.
    Thanks a lot in advance.



  4. Hi, Alas those earrings are no longer available. I tried searching for equivalent styles but with no luck. Keep looking! Pearl

  5. We have the Snake Earring for sale at

    :) Enjoy! x

  6. Thanks for posting that link! Snake earrings are really popular!

  7. What about the last ones where can I get them ?

  8. Check and see if they still have them!

  9. Very cheap from ebay.


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