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How to Make 3D Rhinestone Flowers Tutorial

Shahana over at the Craftliciouss blog graciously let me link to a tutorial just for bling lovers!  Her rhinestone flowers tutorial (Update : link no longer available) shows you the simple wiring techniques for a really pretty decorative vaseful.

However, my other suggestions include making gorgeous brooches or necklace  focals.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might also remember the stunning wired Swarovski flower bracelet tutorial.

If you are really ambitious, make a gorgeous and unique bridal bouquet along the lines of  the vintage brooch bridal bouquet design I wrote about before.

Did you notice the flower petals are two-holed?  If you'd like to make this with Swarovski crystals, they do have the Swarovski 3230 two hole faceted pear shape or the 3223 two holed Navette shape shown below. Via

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  1. Stunning flowers...the possibilities are endless here!!!


  2. Very pretty and colorful.

  3. Thanks for featuring my little project.
    its an honor for me


  4. These stones are called acrylic kundan or artificial kundan in India (as it resembles the stones used in Kundan jewelry). It is usually used(sewn) along with embroidery to create beautiful embellishments. That is why they have two holes. Also floral arrangements with such stones are very popular here


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