This tutorial from Sparklab (Links no longer available) is not for everyone. However, if you've ever wanted to make your own illuminated bracelet, this one is for you. It will require sewing on the LEDs and other components inside this leather and fabric cuff. Choosing the right pattern will be part of the fun!

Sparklab's instructions are very clear and fascinating to read as you will also learn how to add resistors which prevent the LED lights from burning out prematurely.

Two types of velcro are used - the ordinary kind as well as conductive velcro which acts as the on-off switch. You can easily get the parts from an electronics supply store. Sparklab even sells the kits if you are interested.

You can contact Los Angeles based Syuzi Pakhchyan here. She is the freelance media and interaction design consultant behind Sparklab. She also teaches a robotics class to children!

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