I have always adored maps. Not just for the information but for their visual appeal. Google maps notwithstanding, I still like to have paper based maps. But I would never have thought to make jewelry out of them.

Anne Holman on Etsy
Metal smith Anne Holman was one of a number of artisans who saw the potential. She makes exquisite map jewelry sometimes using vintage maps. Shown on the right is her Venice, Italy Vintage Map Pendant.

Anne is a Columbus, Ohio based artisan who also sells her work in galleries. She takes custom orders so you could have a souvenir of your travels or something sentimental about the place you were born.

Melissa Borrell
I have featured Melissa's unique 3D pop-out jewelry before. She also has a map inspired necklace design. It's called the Topography necklace because it resembles the elevation lines you see in such maps. It comes in silver, gold and blackened (oxidized) silver.

Design Hype
Subway maps are just gorgeous in their simplicity - they give so much condensed information in a small space. The NYC subway map cuffs by Design Hype are not only beautiful to look at, they negate the need to carry a map or some electronic device to connect to the internet! All the information is embossed into the matte metal. If you are a New Yorker (or a visitor after a souvenir), you cannot beat the $25 price tag!

Maya Brenner
If you are American, you might like the State jewelry by Maya Brenner. The pendants are actually outlines of the state boundaries and are sometimes adorned with a diamond which can be placed anywhere.  The jewelry comes in 14K gold or silver. Shown below is the Hawaii State pendant. Some celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria Parker certainly love them as you can see from the site!

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