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Marquise Star Season Pendants - Sterling Silver Wire Art

Not long ago, I listed my marquise star pendants. These are Swarovski and sterling silver wired designs. I had great fun creating them. There are four to choose from, each one with colors representing the seasons. Winter is silver, clear and grey. The photo below shows from bottom up - spring, fall and summer.

The wiring is based on string art. Working with wire is trickier than working with string. You can also introduce color with just the string. Want to try?  Then check out my past post on String Art Pendant Tutorial.

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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  1. These are beautiful!

  2. Very pretty Pearl...great take on the string art pendant!!!

  3. These are some great creations Pearl! I love the idea of the shimmering crystal being the "points" of the star. Love it!


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