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Bottle Cap and Vinyl Record Jewelry by Laura Beamer

I have a mantra on this blog. You can make jewelry from anything. But it takes a special artisan to make eco jewelry very, very good. Laura Beamer.comb (Update : no longer exists) - Laura Robson and Benjamin Beamer are such artisans. They can really turn old bottle caps and vinyl records into outstanding pieces.

They recycle scratched and warped vinyl records in this way - "We use a large machinist tool to punch pieces from colorful and black records to use as the centerpiece. We then set the vinyl into sterling silver using a rivet and brass washer. The rivet is a strong part of the design element. Shades of colors may change as many of these records are difficult to find!" No, I didn't know  pink and orange are difficult colors to find!

They sell to galleries, gift shops, eco-boutiques and jewelry stores. It's not hard to see why they are so popular!

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  1. Do you have any advice on guitar picks. I have a lot of them and would love to make some jewelry out of them. I'm looking at something for a man also...maybe key chain or necklace.

    thanks so much-
    CIAO Alana

  2. Absolutely you can make jewelry from guitar picks. As I mentioned in my email reply to you, there is a past post (also see links in the post) with such inspirations. You will have to drill holes naturally.

  3. Thos are very cool. I love how finished they look with the silver settings

  4. I think these are lovely, and the pieces are awesome. Does it still count as 'eco' jewelry if a lot of the piece is a non-eco item? What exactly counts as eco?

  5. I don't know if there is a proper definition for eco jewelry but I think any effort to recycle what would go to the land fill does give it the stamp.

  6. I'm not trying to knock what they are doing because it is lovely and way beyond my ability to do. But it feels like declaring things 'organic'. It is hard to tell what is and isn't organic (unless you grow it yourself) because it isn't well regulated. I just find myself wondering what they do with the punched-out bottle cap and vinyl record remains. Where does that go?

    I want to be eco - but I want to figure out how to 'use the whole buffalo'. If that is even possible.

  7. Using everything may not be possible - even diverting some of the unwanted stuff which goes to landfills is better than doing nothing at all.

    Leftover bits of metal and vinyl can still be recycled.


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