I have a mantra on this blog. You can make jewelry from anything. But it takes a special artisan to make eco jewelry very, very good. Laura Beamer.comb (Update : no longer exists) - Laura Robson and Benjamin Beamer are such artisans. They can really turn old bottle caps and vinyl records into outstanding pieces.

They recycle scratched and warped vinyl records in this way - "We use a large machinist tool to punch pieces from colorful and black records to use as the centerpiece. We then set the vinyl into sterling silver using a rivet and brass washer. The rivet is a strong part of the design element. Shades of colors may change as many of these records are difficult to find!" No, I didn't know  pink and orange are difficult colors to find!

They sell to galleries, gift shops, eco-boutiques and jewelry stores. It's not hard to see why they are so popular!

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