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Horror Movie Inspired Jewelry Designs by Missy Industry

Sugarskull Ring
I rarely watch horror movies because they scare me silly. But I am definitely not afraid of the macabre inspired jewelry designs by Canadian artisan, Missy Industry on Etsy - just simply wowed.

Her jewelry pieces are just amazingly well done and are to be admired for the skill and vision of the creator. She is so good at her craft she quit her day job back in 2004. There is clearly a niche market which appreciates her particular style!

It's easy to see what inspires her without checking her many muses - horror films and witchcraft are but two. Can you guess which movies she likes watching?

Chain Saw Pendant

Fang Necklace

Vampire Wings Necklace
Screwed Razor Blade Pendant

Pentagram Pendant

Sacrifice Claw Shape with Skull & Feather Necklace
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  1. It's hard not to appreciate the imagination and skill of the artisan in these creations as they are superb. However I find myself shuddering at the genre of movies that were their inspirations. The closest I've come to watching any of the "Saw" horror films have been in their TV advertisements and even then the horrid imageries were unsettling. I often wonder if Hollywood will ever run out of morbid ideas, horrendous ways to torture people or a supply of fake blood to splash generously across their movie sets?

  2. That is some interesting jewelry. Very creative. The horror movies are too scary to watch, but I did enjoy the jewelry.


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