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How to Make Woven or Braided Wire Bracelet Tutorials

Wire wrapping is a popular technique. But have you considered wire weaving or braiding? It's a bit like braiding hair.  Large clamps are used to secure all the wires at one end before the weaving begins. Variations can be achieved using mixed metals or even using twisted wire.

RaNDoMLeiGH has a super copper braided wire bracelet tutorial on Instructables.  The wire came from the hardware store. What's lovely about this design is the twisted wire edging.

The simpler 5 lead braided copper bracelet tutorial on the Bajabum site uses 14G copper wire.There are two ways to finish the ends, one is by simply looping each wire end and the other is to use sections of copper tubing.

It's best to use soft temper wire when doing braided wire work as it is easier to manipulate especially if it begins to work harden as the work progresses.

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  1. Just the thing I have looking for since I saw braided bracelets in Delhi last month...will give em a try...thanks Pearl. But are there any better ways to finish them as wrapping gets a little difficult with so many layers

  2. These are great...I've been meaning to give something like this a try but haven't gotten around to it!!!


  3. Great article Pearl. Thanks. I too have been thinking of giving this a try.

  4. Yes, it is tricky with so many wire ends to deal with. There are a few ways :

    1. Fold over all the wires neatly and trim. Then wrap the whole area to hide the ends. You can leave it as it is for a bangle. The first tutorial is great because the edging helps in forming a clasp attachment if you prefer one.

    2. Do some fancy wire scrolls with each of the wires and integrate them into the design.

    3. Create specialized clasp ends or end overs from metal clay themselves. Not sure if there are ready made clasp ends for this application available.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Very cool stuff - never considered this but I like the end results!

  6. It is attractive and the tutorial is very easy to follow but I doubt I could complete such a project in 3 or 4 hours. Think for me it would be much closer to 13 or 14 hours but then I don't do a lot of intricate wire work. As they say "practice makes perfect" and lots of practice also makes things easier to do (and faster).


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