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How to Make Easy Lace Jewelry Tutorials

Feminine Jewelry
Part 1 of 2

Lace is such a romantic and feminine thing to use even in jewelry. So if you have never yet considered the idea, here are some awesome tutorials to inspire. Don't forget to check the links below for more!

Trey and Lucy had so much fun making these easy lace trim earrings there are several versions on the blog post! I guess it got addictive!

If the lace sections are too floppy, I recommend checking out the DIY lace earrings tutorials on Honestly- WTF which are stiffened with glue.

If you can crochet, this lacy crochet ring designed by Brett Bara is awesome. You can make several in different colors to match any outfit! There are 3 different stitch patterns to choose from. It's the sort of small project suitable for a beginner to tackle.

If you can't crochet, then use a piece of lace!  A little single chained section will be all you need to add.

More Lace Inspirations and Tutorials:
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  1. Very pretty. My grandmother used to make "doilies". (probably spelled it wrong!) This reminds me of them.

  2. My mother used to crochet them too. And yes, you spelled it correctly.

  3. It is nice to see renewed interest in an old art form. My mother too used to crochet a lot, everything from utilitarian potholders, to lovely baby garments to decorative doilies. For some unknown reason the art lost favor for a couple of generations guess what they say about "What's Old is New again" is certainly true.


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