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Beautiful Vintage Lace Jewelry by Amanda White

Feminine Jewelry
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Some artisans use lace in their jewelry pieces. But it takes a really innovative artisan to do it differently from what others might do.

Los Angeles designer, Amanda White (link no longer available), takes real vintage lace and casts them directly into gold and silver pieces. She also takes the same approach with satin, ribbon and string.

The result is a truly delightful, elegant and romantic jewelry style.  As she says, " After all, jewelry is in the details..."

Amanda sells her outstanding designs on Etsy as White Fly (no longer available). Shown here are my favorites from this inspiring artisan's shop. Some of the designs feature gemstones where the metallic lace becomes unique bezels.

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  1. How fascinating and creative! Love them.

  2. It's a wow alright. I reckon lace will be a huge trend following the Royal Wedding.

  3. Incredible!!! All that detail captured in gold. Wow!

  4. That is so creative and lovely too. What a great idea!

  5. Love this concept and with the wedding lace may become a strong fashion statement. The only issue is the raising cost of gold, silver and copper.

  6. Wow, Peppi may want this for her wedding!

  7. I'm astounded by the amount of intricate detailing that Amanda White captured in her castings, at first I thought the pieces were actually tatted or crocheted lacework. The cuff is amazing and her use of lace like bezels to secure a cabochon or gemstone is both pretty and pretty imaginative.

  8. Beautiful...enchanting..and Pearl even I think you are right..Lace will be a big trend in jewelry soon


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