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Kinetic Jewelry - Guillotine Rings

Did you miss my Facebook post last week on the Guillotine Ring by Kest Schwartman of Vagabond Jewelry? Those of you who caught it were highly amused by this clever kinetic design. The other name for the piece is The Divorce Ring! Talk about severing a relationship!

His is not the only guillotine ring. Adnama Lavode on Deviantart has an amazing multi-ring affair which includes stocks for the two outer fingers and the guillotine part on the middle finger ring.

This is also a moving design as the ring with the cord is worn on the middle finger as well which operates the movement of the guillotine. The designer says the blade is made from a piece of sterling will not cut off fingers. Still it is a neat idea one which took this metal smith weeks to make.

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  1. Ok, interesting reading, but......hmmm. Not quite my thing.

    Thanks Pearl,

  2. hum good for someone stealing from the cookie jar. if come to the party with out a finger you're caught!

  3. hey, cool to know there's another one out there!

  4. They are certainly unique and I'm sure they would appeal to a certain group of individuals. I do appreciate the cleverness of the designs yet could not imagine myself wearing one.

  5. I don't think they are meant to be worn - these are challenge pieces by the artisans which have attracted lots of media attention. Hopefully people will stop by their stores and see their other talented designs.

  6. Interesting. Not my style though. I can't imagine ever wearing a ring that would interfere with the use of my fingers though there sure seems to be a lot of those out there lately.


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