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Wire weaving is really fun to do. The results are awesome as the wire work looks distinctly hand made. Beadingonabudget has a great video tutorial on how to make a wire woven ring.

While the weaving part is simple to do, beginners might find working with 14G wire a bit difficult. So I suggest trying something finer to start with, say 18G. But I do agree with the instructor, the basic ring shown here is just a springboard to all sorts of creative results.

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  1. Thank you for a great video. Very easy to follow and love the step by step! I am going to hit the copper wire tomorrow, may even patina mine!

  2. Great ring tutorial for beginning wire weaving! So maybe I give it another try. The last time I stopped because my wire broke about eight times while weaving.

  3. Patina would be cool!

    It's easy to overwork the wire until it gets so brittle it breaks. Perhaps switch to 26G wire if you were using 28G as it is a bit thicker.

  4. Lovely ring ! And the instructions make it appear very doable for a novice wire wrapper. Though I do love the disclaimer stating that "Sizing may be tricky". LOL

    Ages ago I bough a wire work book and throughout, the author advocated annealing the piece in a kiln so the wire wouldn't become brittle and break. I guess that's when I decided perhaps wire working wasn't for me as the last thing I have space for is a kiln requiring a 240 plug in. Usually I stick to very basic wire work ... though lately I have been enjoying playing with a wire coiling tool that I recently purchased so who knows where this might lead me?

  5. Well, if you really want to anneal (soften) wire, a torch also works!

  6. Great tutorial, very clear & easy to follow. I can imagine many interesting variations.


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