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Recycled Soda Pop Tab and Crochet Flower Necklace Tutorial

Michelle over at the Mich L in LA blog has a mind on permanent creative overdrive!  She comes up with astounding designs from everyday objects (see link below).  It's sometimes difficult to guess what she uses!

This pretty necklace tutorial is no different. It's not immediately obvious the flowers are made from upcycled soda pop tabs.  Michelle got the flower tutorial from Escama Studio and went on to link 3 of them together.

Before you go :

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  1. You picked the right word to describe Mich...creative overdrive ;)

  2. Her purses are mind boggling ! Who knew that such a humble little pull tab could be used to create so many lovely things ? I'm in awe of her pull tab brooch, simply stunning and stunningly amazing !

  3. Yes, she is amazing. It's not what you use that counts, but how you use it.

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my hippie-dippy necklace, Pearl! I do love those purses over at Escama Studio - I would love to be able to make such intricate things. But since I'm all about quick and easy, I actually got the flowers from a friend, and adapted them to a simple-to-put-together necklace. Simple = fun!

  5. I wish my brain worked like that.


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