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Architectural Rings by Sevan Bicakci

Architectural rings simply blow me away!  These are rings exquisitely made from precious metals and gemstones which pay homage to much, much larger architectural inspirations.

One artisan who joins my growing list of architectural ring masters is Turkish born, Sevan Bicakci. (see links below for more)

All his rings are works of art. You can see why he has won many awards. He came by his craft the hard way, working up from a very early start as a 12-year-old apprentice to a master jeweler, Howsep Catak's workshop.

He says his inspiration comes from Istanbul's Grand Bazaar and Sultanate areas. The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. It was first opened in 1461. Some 1200 shops line its more than 58 covered streets, one of which is shown below.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, TurkeyGrand Bazaar shop via Wikipedia

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, TurkeyGrand Bazaar shop via Wikipedia
Grand Bazaar Istanbul Turkey 2007Grand Bazaar entrance via Wikipedia

The distinctive arches in the bazaar, the domes of the gorgeous mosques and other old buildings in Istanbul richly fuel his creativity. This city once known as Constantinople and Byzantium has a 3,000 year history.

The interior of the Hagia Sophia (once a mosque, now a museum)
Süleymaniye Mosque, IstanbulSüleymaniye Mosque  by npanddjjewell

Süleymaniye Mosque, interior, view towards the...Süleymaniye Mosque interior via Wikipedia

Besides architectural rings, he also makes lovely animal and floral designs in his signature dome mountings.


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  1. Sevan Bicakci’s rings are incredible, the detailing of the buildings is a true marvel, while the designs and embellishment of the rings has a very mid-eastern old world look to them. One could imagine them on the hand of a Sultan or other Arabian or Turkish Potentates. Tales of Scheherazade!
    I really need to get out into the world, that ancient Grand Bazaar in Istanbul looks amazing, would love to see it in person. Whenever I think of Istanbul a very old song crosses my mind; “It’s Istanbul not Constantinople”, guess I’m showing my age as I was very much alive when that song hit the radio stations ... and gee I think those were the days of AM stations, FM hadn’t caught on back then. =O

  2. I'm gloating here...but I have never heard of that old song! People do get confused because of the different names for the city over different time periods.

  3. Oh what beautiful works of art those rings are. I can't imagine what it must take to even come up with the idea let alone get the idea into metal and stone. Gorgeous. And the Grand Bazaar....well, I am just hyper-ventilating just thinking about being there!!!

  4. Istanbul has been on my travel wish list for years!

  5. All I can say is I want one!!!!

  6. Wow- what amazing work! Such detail.


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