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Artistic Human Hair Necklace Creations by Kerry Howley

I've written about some amazing real hair jewelry artisans before, both past and present.  But not everyone was that taken with it.  Hair is a woman's crowning glory but yet some people appear to have an aversion to hair when it is no longer attached to someone's head.

Kerry Howley, a graduate of Middlesex University in the UK, rose to the challenge of exploring how materials can both attract and repulse.

Her award-winning graduate art collection does reveal "how we can feel these seemingly opposing emotional responses simultaneously."

She worked with a 30 cm length of trimmed hair given to her by a Japanese friend of her mother's who had waist length hair.  Each of the five wallpaper design inspired necklaces Kerry created took her over 60 hours to do. Amazingly intricate work!!


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  1. Wow, that's better than the dog hair yarn!

  2. You are so right about the opposing opinions of something made from real hair... I was just looking at this post in my Reader and gasped at the beauty of these necklaces. My 14 yr old daughter happened to be standing in the room when I gasped and said "What?" I showed her the photos and told her it was made with real hair and she then said "Ewww that's disgusting!" Such strong polar opposite reactions! Now that's art!

  3. Opposing views? I'm a bit confused as to what to make of this myself. Definately beautiful, but I would never wear something like that.

  4. Amazingly detailed design, hard to believe it is created with human hair. I can’t begin to fathom how it was done using something so flexible and soft. With wire I could comprehend but using hair is hard to imagine.
    One thing that bothers me though, are the small stray hairs that seem to have escaped the edges of the design. I know that when I have one loose strand of hair tickling my back, shoulder or chest it can be most annoying, I think wearing one of these would drive me bananas and I’d be forever trying to brush away the feeling of a stray hair.

  5. The wispy parts of the designs do make them delicate looking. These are art pieces which really showcase the imagination and skill of the the artist. I hope she will gain from all the publicity she is getting!

  6. Really amazing work. I know that you mean about opposing views though. I can admire the work but to even think about wearing someone else's hair gives me the willies.

  7. They are very pretty but it makes me itch just thinking about it!
    How about an article about the beautiful horse hair jewelry available?

  8. I think the horse hair jewelry will itch all the same! But thanks for the great suggestion...I will look into it. Did you remember my post on elephant hair jewelry?


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