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Attraction and Rejection Jewelry - When You've Got to Know if You're Hot or Not

Mood rings were invented back in the 1970's. The liquid crystals were bonded with quartz stones which then changed color according to the wearer's body temperature.  Whether or not they truly portray a person's feelings is another matter.

A few decades later and they are back, sort of! The Diesel Thermal Attraction watches also reacts to body heat. The polyurethane strap changes from one color to another.  The marketing is pure genius as it implies wearers can signal their attraction to another person.

There are 3 color combos - purple to blue, magenta to white and green to yellow.

If there is attraction jewelry, you can bet there is also the opposite number - rejection jewelry. The laser cut No You Can't Have My Number necklace is made from plexi-glass, wood and acrylic paint.

The dating game sure is brutal.

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  1. This post makes me glad I'm married!

  2. Funny I was just looking at mood beads over at Shipwreck yesterday! I used to love my mood ring, it was blue when I woke up and pretty much black the rest of the day. LOL

  3. I would wear this everyday. but im afraid it would colour itself at inappropriate times when you're attracted to someone you see nearly daily! haha

  4. These are cool...definitly fun to wear!

    I've used the mood beads in some of my pieces...people love them!

  5. Judging from your comments, mood jewelry is fun even if it doesn't really reflect your real mood.

  6. Mood beads and jewelry are fun but probably just about as predictable as those wonderful "Magic 8 Balls". Uh, reply hazy, try again later! :D


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