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DIY Pillow Box Tutorial by Botanical Paperworks
I've always provided ordinary jewelry gift boxes when selling jewelry. But when I started to sell my designs online, those ready made boxes would not do as they aren't flat enough for Canada Post's "slot of doom"  (see my past post How to Package and Ship Jewelry).

So I use pillow boxes.  Even if you don't sell jewelry, they make a great alternative to regular boxes if you like making them for gifts.

Not only are they elegant, they could be shipped flat without looking weird as you can see from the comparative picture below :

If you really like them but don't want to buy them in bulk then make them yourself! Use any of the tutorials mentioned here. If you like to custom the look, decorate them with ribbons, paint, stickers  and so on.

I especially  like Botannical Paperwork's tutorial  pictured above.  There are so many pretty scrapbook paper designs to choose from if you aren't into plain boxes made from cardstock.  The pillow box is quick to make you can also use a CD disc is used to make the rounded edge and score the folds.

It's so much easier to see it done, right? So check out this video tutorial (updated)

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  1. Thanks for adding the "directions" on how to comment for those of us who get your posts via feedburner.
    I like those pillow boxes and it is nice to know how to make them. Thanks.

  2. I would love to know how to make these, but neither link exists. The video was removed by the creator, and the Ehow link doesn't exist anymore.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I have corrected the links!

  4. Pearl another great post and one that I'm bookmarking. I truly want to give this a try but don't have time to view all the pillow box tutorials at the moment as I've a hubby who's just had a molar pulled. He's like most of us and needs a little extra special attention today. :)

  5. The pillow box tutorial can wait if someone else needs your TLC!

  6. I've been thinking about shipping my jewelry in pillow boxes as well, but have found cutting them out and putting them together a little time consuming. I saw that you can get a pillow box die for the Big Kick Die Cutting Machine. I think I may go that way, since I really do like the idea of boxes made with your own papers and it seems like a fast method to make them.

  7. That's an excellent idea although one has to do a lot of crafting and pillow box making to justify the cost of a Big Kick!

  8. I received some beads I purchased today in the cutest little pillow box - it was decorated with little stars and bluebirds - it was adorable! I felt like it was a little gift with my purchase. :)


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