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How to Make Right Angle Weave Bracelet Tutorials

Image by Svetlana
The right angle weave or cross-weaving is one of my favorite beading stitches. It is a versatile stitch which can be done with different sized beads.

The Etsy Russian Team has a blog and one of their members, Svetlana posted a simple right angle weave  bracelet tutorial with freshwater pearls and seed beads. It's a really sweet design which can be customized with different colors.

Not that keen on tiny seed beads?  Then check out Becky P's pearl and Swarovski crystals design which is even simpler and suitable for utter beginners.  It can be used for a necklace or bracelet.

This beautiful green crystal bracelet by Bee Jang is rated as beginner as well. Note that the seed beads form bases under the bicone clusters.

Jewelry and Polymer Clay Heaven's Cobalt Blue Elegance bracelet tutorial also uses right angle weave. It's a stunning design!

If you've not seen it before, then check out  right angle weave tennis bracelet tutorial by Karla on the Aunties' Beads videos - Part 1 and Part 2. The bicones also sit on the seed beads as on Bee Jang's tutorial.

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  1. Love the green bracelet. It amazes me how versatile right angle weave is.

  2. Great pieces...I'm always impressed with what beaders make...I've tried but don't have the patience for that kind of thing!

    I certainly appreciate the work and effort that goes into a finished piece!

  3. Great post. I love all the designs. Funny, I recently bought some small, round semi-precious beads because they had a design made up in the store with a right-angle weave (semi-precious and seed beads). It is great when bead stores have jewelry made up so you can see the designs before you buy the beads!

  4. Sorry, the last anonymous post was from me (Willi). I had a problem with the work verification.

  5. It's actually quick to do if you use large crystals!

    Darn that word verification, Willi! Better luck next time.

  6. Pearl, thank you very much for featuring the blue bracelet from our team blog. Also, thank you for the green one tutorial because I wanted to learn how to make a bracelet like that :)


  7. The pleasure is all ours, Irina! We all learn from each other.

  8. Great tutorials. Thank you! I love the green bracelet!


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