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Transparent Jewelry Tutorial for a Space Age Look

Dutch blogger, Ivania Carpio has been noticing the trend in transparent jewelry with some top designers so she decided to make her own.

Perspex available from hardware stores, is easy to bend once heated up in an oven as described in her tutorial.

Working with just perspex rectangles, her cuffs and hair accessory are simple but stunning. There is a modern, space age look about it. Even the accidental creation of bubbles adds an interesting element to her jewelry.

Ivania is hoping to make a collar necklace. Perhaps she should also consider doing a hairband.

Whatever type of accessory, transparent jewelry is the bomb because it goes with literally everything in the wardrobe!


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  1. Interesting pieces, but feels a little sterile to me. I LOVE color!!! Thanks Pearl.

  2. What a cool idea! I can't wait to try this.... I love color too, so I'm already scheming ways to incorporate some :)

  3. You're onto something there, Eileen!


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