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Beaded MicroMacrame Jewelry by Knot Just Macrame

When I make knots, it's usually not a pretty sight.  That's why I really admire micro-macrame artisans like Sherri Stokey who not only knot prettily but incorporate a considerable wow factor.  Just check out her Etsy store, Knot Just Macrame and you'll see what I mean.

Teal Rhinestone Beaded Macrame Watch Strap
The macrame work popular in the 1970's has certainly come along. The finer technique using thinner C-lon cord makes for intricate and beautiful designs.  Sherri has a wonderful ability not just to add beads to her micro-macrame technique but she also includes focal beads.

Minty Green Bracelet

Dragon Bracelet

Turquoise bracelet

Jasper Earrings
Sherri also has great tutorials and macrame kits.

Doesn't this self-confessed jewelry junkie do wonderful work?

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  1. Yes, Pearl, she really does some amazing things! I tried macrame the first time it came around and really didn't have the patience for it, so I really admire anyone who can do it. But this artist does it very, very well. Love her stuff!!!

  2. WOW ! Really beautiful work. Thanks for bringing it to us Pearl.

  3. I remember doing macrame for friendship bracelets as a kid, and while I've been absorbed in far too many different methods of jewelry making, I've been wanting to return back to macrame for about a year now.
    This work here is very inspiring and I couldn't even imagine how beautiful it truly can be! Now I want to start trying my hand finally! Maybe I'll try it with some of the yarn I've been spinning lately!

  4. Beautiful designs and colors! I love them so much, I just bought one on Etsy.

  5. This is crazy-beautiful. I'm one of those who DIDN'T do macrame in the '70s, but am itching to try, since I think it complements the kumihimo work I do now. What an inspiration Knot Just Macrame's work is.

  6. Awesome! Best bracelet idea in years! Simply beautiful! This is how I started out too in the 70s too! I am glad you included the name of the cord in your post because the nemesis of this work is finding cord small enough for small hole beads and big enough to knot with ease. I want one, can you tell? Guess I better get on it! Thanks Pearl you sure can find the diamonds in the sand. Peace

  7. wow...such intricate work...When I attempt macrame my knots are just big and clunky...she is quite a talent

  8. Replies
    1. You could try those but they might be too fine. Most micro macrame artists use slightly thicker cord like C-lon. Check out this wonderful guide :

  9. This is some amazing work. Really beautiful designs. I bought some macrame but haven't tried it yet, it's still just sitting there with my list of things to try. I really love the Dragon Bracelet. On my first look, a lot of what I thought was beads was really just perfect knots. Truly amazing.

  10. I used to love macrame. I have everything I need so I really should give it a try.

  11. Beautiful pieces. After being involved in a macrame fundraiser I have really fallen in love with the craft. I have read our new macrame knots tutorial like 5 times lol.

  12. Macrame obviously catches people's attention by the number of comments on this post already!

    She does incredible work. I know I don't have the patience or talent for that sort of work!
    Well done indeed!


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