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Bling Up Your Bathroom and Medicine Cabinet!

It's sometimes useful to be a jewelry maker because all the stuff we accumulate for the craft can be used for home decor projects too.   Laura's clever tutorial to label bottles in the bathroom and medicine cabinet is just such a project. What a terrific idea!

They are really mini-necklaces but you could also use the same technique to make regular necklaces. The paper labels are protected with a hard sealant finish. I also recommend using either aluminum or patinated chain. And to seal anything else that might tarnish with Renaissance wax.

This project came about when Laura was on a quest to update her medicine cabinet. She is the artisan behind Decor to Adore on Etsy.

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  1. This looks very nice. Everything is so organized. Wish my medicine cabinet was this neat. Love the little bottle tags.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very cute project!! Just a quick reminder though that it is illegal in some places (at least here in the states) to possess certain medications outside of their prescription bottles. Just be careful.

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Lacey. The law is to make sure that people know what the medication is. If you transfer to another container, you must, must label accurately. If you aren't sure what a medication is, don't use it!

    Same thing, don't reuse another medication bottle with other medication. In an emergency situation, the medical staff won't know what you actually took.

  4. I love the idea for labeling who made what art beads.

  5. Never would have thought of this!

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