Did you like my past post on how to recycle computer keys into jewelry?  Well, this tutorial feature goes back to pre-high tech days - the keys come from old typewriters! These add considerable vintage charm to jewelry!

People do collect old typewriters - there is something beautiful about these outdated office equipment. But as Kirsten of Sophia's Decor on Etsy said, you might "come along a typewriter that isn't quite pretty enough for display."

She generously shared her in-depth tutorial on how to make typewriter key jewelry on her blog.  Her post covers what to look for in old typewriters because some are much harder to dismantle than others.  You also need some heavy duty tools to be able to separate the keys from the levers.

But the effort is well worth it. She also demonstrates some of the ways you can use the keys including incorporating them into steampunk designs. My favorite among her design inspirations is the Wish bracelet. Do check out her Etsy store for more!


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