Many of us love wearing jewelry sets - you know, matching necklace and earrings or bracelet with earrings or the whole lot together.  But if you ever wanted to match jewelry to your favorite handbags instead, then you just have to check out Stephanie's 3 awesome tutorials over at The Silly Pearl and be inspired.

She was so enthralled with expensive designer handbags she had seen while shopping, she just had to create bracelet equivalents of her favorites.  Perhaps one day, she might be able to afford them but for now, she has her stunning bracelets to remember them by!

Her detailed and well photographed tutorials for each of the bracelets are linked in her post.  The featured bags include Stella McCartney's pink Falabella, Fendi's Patchwork Peekaboo and Valentino's Nuage bags. The selection certainly shows her great taste in fashion accessories and the tutorials, her crafting skills. 

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