I once featured reader Sarah of Saturday Sequins' tutorial for a showoff box for jewelry designs.  But there is much more to this "chief sequin scientist" as she calls herself!  She is an accomplished bead work artisan who also does wire work, stringing, chain mail and some metal work.

She often has "sequintastic" days when she churns out lovely jewelry with her favorite sparkly things - sequins.

Bead and Sequin Heart Pendants

Shown here are some of my favorites from her Flickr set. You'll notice the superb integration of sequins in her beadwork designs. She also uses them as the terminating feature of dangles or incorporated into wire work.

Sarah learned the value of making jewelry when she was just 9 and unable to afford the clustered sequin earrings she saw in a store. So she started making her own jewelry.  Fast forward a couple of decades and Sarah added a lot more techniques under her belt.  But she never lost her love for sparkly sequins.

She has a variety of sequins including some flower ones which she used in her ring design.  I'm willing to bet Sarah has never seen a sequin she didn't like!

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