There are so many beautiful beaded bracelet tutorials out there.  So I picked 5 with interesting features.  For example, Yvonne of My Amari's alternating peyote cellini spiral bracelet is a stunning vision with the zig zagging meeting in the middle.

I also liked the Silvery Bubbles bracelet by Andrea Morici for its undulating feature and great choice of colors.

Jennie's Raised Diamond bracelet tutorial on Ruby's Beadwork is another worthy mention because of the 3D feature.

Bugles are not high on the popularity charts but they do add a different look to designs.  This bugle cluster beaded bracelet first appeared on the Bead and Button magazine.

Most of use would only think of using 1 cameo per piece. But a whole parcel of them in a single bracelet?  Divine!  The tutorial is again by Yvonne of My Amari.  Good practice for making beaded bezels.

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