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Breast Milk Jewelry by Mommy Milk Creations

 I've seen many different kinds of memento jewelry celebrating the bond between parent and child (see links below) but breast milk jewelry?  That's new to me!
One of the artisans who makes breast milk jewelry is Allicia Mogavero from Southern Rhode Island.  Her Etsy store, Mommy Milk Creations (UPDATE : no longer available) shows several lovely resin pieces with embedded breast  milk beads.  The small samples of breast milk - about 2 tablespoons in ziplock bags - sent by buyers are carefully concentrated and plasticized before being molded into tiny shapes.

She has perfected her technique of making these breast milk beads and can guarantee no discoloration with time. The process is long too, taking over a month to complete. She also makes clear to expect color variation with individual samples. "Some milk is more yellow than others, other milk is very thin and will create a less bright bead, if you will."

Allicia explained why she was inspired to create this unusual line of jewelry, "Breastfeeding is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I've ever had to do. I believe that most mothers feel this way. We've given our children the best start in one of the most selfless acts, we should wear that as a badge of honor."  She first made them for herself as a keepsake from her breastfeeding days but soon started to make them for others.

It's definitely not for everyone. Opinions varied on the Baby Center discussion pages back in January. Many were grossed out or not interested. But there are those who do want these unusual mementos.  One mother said, "I wouldn't give it to my children, it would be a keepsake for me." and another added "I would totally buy one for myself. I would probably never tell anyone it's breastmilk though."

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  1. eep, whatever next! I know people who make a ragout with placentae, but this is the first time I have heard of this. Congratulations to Allicia Mogavero for thinking up this innovation. I shall hang this up on the notice board at work :)

  2. Well it is certainly "different" but also a little disturbing. :D
    I think I would much rather have a precious lock of my child's hair encapsulated in resin to wear on a chain around my neck. But then maybe I'm too old school since I also do not have any tattoos, strange body piercings, no weird, wild implants nor is my hair dyed outlandish colors such as hot pink, lime green or neon red. Yep, guess I'm just an old fuddy duddy. ;)

  3. It is unusual for sure. Everyone is sentimental to some degree - just depends on what people choose to keep.

  4. Hmmm....she does think outside the.....uh....breast!!!

  5. BTW Ragout with placentae really grossed me out, Neena!

  6. Very creative! I love them and wish she had been around back in the days I was breast feeding. As far as the people that are grossed out...they shouldn't be because breast milk is the most natural thing in the world. If anyone should be grossed out it should be the jewelry maker that has to handle stranger's milk.

    Beautiful on so many levels.

  7. Excellent point. I wonder if those who didn't like it just aren't comfortable with any bodily fluid?

  8. Encapsulated Hair is one thing, fine...but breast milk? I wouldn't want my moms, lol. Um. What's next...encapsulated sperm from Dad and menstrual blood from the first period?? Just the thought is EWwww...

  9. Yes very unusal, but creative. I agree with Fanciful Pondering about handle strangers breast milk would be gross. You got to admit these pendants are very unique and really very pretty. I bet if you didn't know it was made with breast milk, more would love them.

  10. Hmm. Breast feeding was a wonderfully rewarding experience. But jewelry? No. Not for me. Still .. if there is a market for it - good for Allicia!

  11. After you've breasted a child your view will change! The struggles, hard work and tears that comes w/ breast feeding is a lot. And there's nothing wrong w/ having something that can add to your memories. I don't see anything wrong w/ this and if someone doesn't like it then they don't have to do it but they shouldn't down play what a mother does w/ her own damn milk!

  12. Great idea, but long waiting list. Check it out at:


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