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Beaded Linked Chain Bracelet Tutorial

I do like mixing beads with chains or in chain maille.  The metal acts as a strong foundation and the beads add color!  Here is another that should get everyone's creative juices going!

Stephanie over at the Fab You Bliss blog created the above ombre bead and chain bracelet.  I particularly like the way she linked 3 lengths of chain to make it a wider bracelet.

Rather than use ribbons, you can always link the ends of the 3 chains to large jump rings which then attach to clasps.  Varying the type and color of beads is the way to go to make it unique for you! Try experimenting with different sizes of chain links as well as bead sizes.

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  1. Thank you Pearl, for highlighting another lovely tutorial. Stephanie's directions are clear and easy to follow, plus she gives us a number of great photos.
    Though I've never made a bracelet like this, I can see how the chain would give it more structure and also texture. It is definitely something I'd like to try. .


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