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Beading fans are going to love this collection of really pretty beaded necklace tutorials.  First up is the Queen Margot necklace design tutorial from a Russian site - pictures only unless you read Russian! A vision in pearls!

 Deborah Roberti's Garden pearl and crystal necklace tutorial is also another stunner!

The Queen's necklace is a video tutorial by Beading4Perfectionist. She used a netting technique and Swarovski pearls and bicones resulting in a delicate look.

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  1. I love them all. They are my kind of jewelry - regally feminine. I think in a past lifetime I was a czarina. Okay maybe not, but I can pretend can't I? :D

  2. I think many of us share that belief!

  3. You do not need to know Russian to use the Beaded Pearl Necklace tutorial. I use Google Chrome as my browser. Download from Google for free. When you click on the link for the tutorial there will be a box that opens stating This Page is in Russian. (really?) There is a box to click for translation and Wham! it is in English. There are a number of programs out there that will do this same thing. Cool huh!
    p.s. love this blog

  4. Thanks Patti for filling in. I usually add some instructions about Google Translate or using the Chrome browser but forgot!

  5. My thought when I see jewelry like that is that I cannot fathom having the concentration or patience! I admire people who do.


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