It's one thing to design distinctive jewelry which stand above the crowd, it is another to be truly innovative and come up with wearable jewelry pieces which aren't mainstream. Italian designer Gwaan's Etsy store on Etsy, Superwicked does precisely that.

Her designs don't fit the norm.  Yet Gwaan's designs clearly strike a chord with others who don't want to wear the same type of jewelry like everyone else.  Her finger tip rings do highlight manicures don't they?

She also has a zig zag jewelry line like the chained ear cuff earrings above and her chained collar necklace below. Magnets underneath hold the necklace in place.

Wearing multiple rings is not new but Gwaan's simple band set is for the whole hand and for different parts of the fingers!

Her lightning bolt earrings are fun!

These are copper tube rings which are longer than normal and fit the finger like a sleeve.

Super wicked!


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