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Unisex Leather Bracelet Tutorials

Thank goodness for unisex leather bracelet designs! These are perfect for men - if they wear any jewelry. So here are some awesome designs for Father's Day!  This black design below is by the Creativ Company. It is made from leather cord and silicone (or rubber) o-rings in the same color. 

Whimsey Box has a quick and easy leather bracelet tutorial using studs and D-rings. 

Hosanna Houser's leather strip bracelet tutorial on Martha Stewart Living uses beads to adorn the piece.  Pick the right metallic beads if the bracelet is for a man.

Also check out my extensive list of past leather and paracord bracelet tutorials for more ideas.

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  1. These are nice and would work for both men and for women that like their jewelry to be not so feminine.

    I know that I really should try to create a line of men's jewelry because . . . well because the guys are a large portion of the world's demographics. Also women are constantly searching for things to gift the men in their lives.

  2. I totally agree with your logic. I've also noticed younger men tend to wear jewelry so there is great potential for a line for them.

  3. I've wanted to try this - it's stuff my son-in-law would wear. I actually bought some leather but alas .. no follow thru. I really need to get off my rear!


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