Thick cord ( try the curtain section of your local fabric store) can be used to make bold, statement jewelry.  Quick too!  The only issue with it is they fray easily. So tape up the ends at least temporarily while working with it.

The awesome knotted cord bracelet above is by Tanya who shared the tutorial on her blog, Dans le Townhouses.  It is stunning worn!  It is easy but remember she spent some time figuring out the right knot for the design!  Note she also uses a 2 part epoxy adhesive (from the hardware store) which is a great alternative to E-6000 glue.  You mix only what you need and the freshly made glue is strong.  E-6000 is irritating after a while as it is hard to keep the nozzle clear.

You wouldn't do the next tutorial in thick twisted sterling silver wire because it would cost too darn much.  But with silvery cord, that's doable!  The rings on cord bracelet tutorial on Mango Beads' blog is by Adrianne who writes Happy Hour Projects.  

 Adrianne also designed this bold statement bracelet tutorial using a colored cord.  Any large bead focal will work.

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