Highly talented UK based goldsmith, Annette Gabbedey,  makes exquisite contemporary bespoke (custom) jewelry.  She is inspiring in more ways than one. She is a shining example of someone who pursued her passion regardless of whatever disadvantages others might have thought she had. Annette was born without fingers.

Annette's family were very supportive of her goals and encouraged her to figure out things for herself. She obtained her degree in jewelry design and manufacture and began her career "amongst the bullion dealers of London's Hatton Garden."

She started her own business more than 20 years ago.  For the past 11 years, she has a store which is located in the picturesque artisan quarter of Frome, Somerset, which dates back to the 17th century. Here she specializes in opals and diamonds and works with both gold and platinum.

By in large, Annette uses the same tools as goldsmiths do although for some she adapts how she uses them.  She is not disabled but sees her lack as a distinct advantage as she thinks fingers must get in the way. Watch this super video interview by SWNS TV of Annette in her studio as she shows how she works and talks about how people react to her.

Annette's distinctive jewelry style has a beautiful flowing quality about it.  She is not just inspiring, but awe-inspiring!

Check out Annette's Facebook Page - Annette Gabbedey Goldsmiths - for her latest news.

Via SWNS- TV and via Abroath

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