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Real Butterfly Jewelry by Debra's Divine Designs

Butterflies (and moths) are one of the loveliest creatures on Earth.  Their lifespan once hatched from their pupae is just 2-3 weeks.  So it is wonderful to see their gorgeous wings preserved for much, much longer. Fellow Canadian, Debra Jeffries' real butterfly jewelry collection on Debra's Divine Designs really celebrates the beauty of these insects.

BFF Pendants from Madagascan Sunset Moths (Chrysiridia rhipheus)

Debra explains the source of her butterfly wings, "Insect wings are attained from cruelty-free farms across the globe through a licensed wholesaler.  These farms raise and care for the caterpillars to pupae to butterflies and the butterflies once hatched are allowed to fly in freedom until their natural death."

Purple Swallowtail Wings Earrings
"They are raised intentionally in underprivileged countries and are collected when their lives expire naturally. No butterflies are killed for making my jewelry pieces.  These farms play a HUGE role in providing employment, education and conservation of their reared specimens as they release a certain percentage back into the wild to increase the natural population."  She helps support them by donating a portion of all her butterfly jewelry to ethical butterfly farming programs.

Blue Morpho (Morpho zephyritis) Butterfly Bracelet 
Debra uses different techniques and materials to prepare her butterfly and moth wings.  One way is to use plastic laminate.  The gorgeous blue morpho butterfly at rest bracelet shown above was created by carefully placing the wings between glass and soldered.  She uses jewelry solder and her own special design method.  

Dotted Glory Butterfly (Asterope markii hewitsoni) Ring 
Debra has a great eye for design and color as she does not always use both wings of a given butterfly species.  The top design actually uses just the bottom wings from sunset moths which she artfully put together to form a butterfly profile. A pair of these necklaces are perfect as BFF or mother and daughter sets.

Blue Morpho Butterfly Torc
Her unique and distinctive approach is a pleasure for all those who share a love of these insects.

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  1. Human imagination has no limits! I know of other ways to preserve and present nature in jewelry but this compares to nothing else. And she doesn't rely on natural beauty only because her overall design is unique.

  2. Thank you so much for such a wonderful write-up on on my designs. i love working in Green practice and recycling, reusing, renewing...all so important to our planet. I love how the butterfly farms do such a HUGE part in conserving these beauties for many generations to enjoy!

    More designs can be seen at

  3. You're very welcome and thanks for inspiring us!


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