Mei Pak of Tiny Hands makes adorable polymer clay food jewelry.  Not just any polymer clay food jewelry but pieces which smell just like the real food they mimic.  Pumpkin pie jewelry smelling like our favorite Thanksgiving dessert!  Pies, cupcakes, ice cream and even a whole breakfast line - fried egg, waffles and pancakes not only look good but are deliciously aromatic!

Minneapolis based Mei started what was then a hobby back in her high school days.  But 5 years on, after graduating from her degree, she has turned her hobby into a business.  She now sells them in many stores.   Her work has also been featured in various media presentations. Two of her strawberry ice cream cones were purchased for Suri Cruise and Tori Spelling's daughter!

Scented Very Berry Strawberry Ice Cream Cone necklace

She and her team incorporates the food essence in the clay before baking. What is astonishing is the long list of fragrances she offers!  Mei adds, " I spend more than 80% of the time making new designs, on developing accurate color matches between the clay and the real food I am miniaturizing."

Bacon Scented Fried Egg Necklace

Mei says she absolutely loves food.  It's what lifts her spirits when she is down.  So she delights in making people happy with her food jewelry.  Her jewelry allows people to enjoy the aroma of their favorite food without having to worry about putting on the pounds!

Scented Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring

Scented Pancake Ring


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