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Not Just for Kids! Rainbow Loom Jewelry Tutorials

I've been hankering for a Rainbow Loom ever since I wrote about this crafting phenomena last summer. It's inexpensive, selling for under $20.  I didn't think it was exclusively just for kids. This is just the material for the beach or even the pool - situations where fine jewelry is best left at home. But how to make a grownup version? That's been bugging me for a long time.

One remarkable crafter is a mother of 4, Ellen Carpenter, of Crafting Fantastic has not only solved that issue but has many designs to share. Here are a couple of my favorites from her extensive Youtube channel.

The above example of Ellen Carpenter's Kaleidoscope bracelet video tutorial was made by sisters Emily, Maddie and their mother on Loom Love. They rated it as extremely challenging.

Also fantastic is Ellen's large granny square rainbow loom tutorial.

If you want a simpler project to start with, try Mark Montano's video tutorial shows you how.

Mark said, "I found it relaxing, too. BTW, they make black bands that actually look really good with a fishtail design. When they're woven together tightly, it looks like leather."

And that is exactly what Aki of Minted Strawberry did! Her fishtail rainbow loom bracelet also features a single crystal focal which ups the elegance quotient.

I like the idea of using a short section of stretchy bands in a bracelet so it can be claspless and easy to put on.

Other cool ideas include  Debi Design's Diary's Rainbow Loom fishtail decoration for sunglasses. Are you thinking what I am thinking?  Add a length of chain and you've got yourself a necklace which holds eyeglasses!! Much more secure than the rubber/silicon loop items we get from jewelry suppliers.

Also awesome is the rainbow loom barefoot sandal from Craft Life USA. The sweet and excellent young instructor has two tutorials on Youtube - the basic barefoot sandal and the advanced barefoot sandal.

So I am throwing down the gauntlet.  Anyone game to come up with more grownup designs?  Let me know.


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  1. Loom band bracelets have been the fashion accessory of choice among the mums at my kids' school (and I've been known to wear a few myself!). It's a great craft activity for kids and even the boys have been getting into it.
    I have been wondering whether the larger silicon rubber O-rings could be used on the rainbow looms to make a sturdier design. I have a beading friend who made a simple fishtail band using black silicon O-rings, but she didn't use a loom. It made for a tighter and less stretchy weave.
    I plan to try it at some point in the near future!

  2. I too have thought of using the silicone o rings - they are stronger but more difficult to stretch a great deal. I too plan to try it at some point. Great minds think alike!

  3. Wow, who knew? These are gorgeous.


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