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Awesome Fusible Bead Jewelry Tutorials

Hama (or Perler) beads are great heat fusible plastic beads which are typically children's craft items.  But Anne Evers of the Plan B blog, shows us that these beads are not just for kids! Here are two ideas for awesome adult perler bead jewelry. Don't the beads in  her  peyote Hama bead bracelet tutorial look rather like enormous versions of Delica beads? It is not only a fun and inexpensive bracelet to make and wear but the large beads are also great for someone learning how to do peyote stitch.

Usually the Hama peg boards you can buy for children are on the small side.  But as you can see from Amy's tutorial over on Maker Mum, using a large board makes fusing the beads for bangles  possible and awesome!

Other Perler bead jewelry tutorials include those by Kristina over on Typical House Cat. She certainly exercised her creativity with these.

She had a number of imaginative perler bead earrings on this post.

Perler beads also make great connectors as you can see from her perler bead bracelet tutorial.

Her perler bead necklace is simple and of one color.  But the possibilities are endless for some innovative designs. See the second link below.

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  1. OMG - I didn't know you could do that with these beads. I always thought they were just a craft item for children . . . but then aren't we all children at heart? :) Love these cute ideas.
    Just checked Perler Beads out at and they also look like they're very consistent in size and shape - unlike a lot of cylindrical seed beads that one has to cull out the lopsided ones or the ones that are far too thick or way too thin.

  2. I know what you mean. I also have to ditch beads which are too small for my needle to go through!


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