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Some Clever Tips with this Eco Leather Bracelet Tutorial

Maybe you aren't into hardware jewelry.  But this easy eco leather bracelet tutorial by Jegs Santos using handbag hardware has a number of tips which can be applied to your own bracelet designs. His design has a very bold masculine look.

You can get large pieces of scrap leather but failing that, you could dismantle an unloved handbag provided it is big enough.

What Jegs did was to cleverly notch the leather strip he cut out so it fits better on the hardware. So consider this tip if you are going with buckle clasps.

I also liked his no rivet simple and contemporary style way of punching holes and sewing the folded up strip.

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  1. What a great idea!

    I've just taken apart an old leather coat and have tons of leather now for whatever.

    I good idea here is to use a 3-sided leather needle for the sewing. It makes punching through leather so much easier!

    I'm trying to figure out some way to make that an adjustable strap for different wrist sizes....A metal loop with chain? Hmmm....will have to think that one out if wanting an adjustable length.....

    1. Thanks for the tip about the leather needle. As to an adjustable leather bracelet - you could consider doing it watch strap style.

    2. Do you mean adding holes and a clasp like on a watch band?


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