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Colorful Beading Wire Spool Knitted Bracelet Tutorial

I enjoy wire spool knitting.  See this past post on How to Spool Knit Wire Jewelry to see some examples and tutorials.  I usually just use soft 26 or 28G wire.  But this tutorial post from the folks at Lima Beads uses colorful Softflex beading wire to create spool knitted bracelets.

The tutorial actually covers 3 different variations depending on how many loops you make on each peg. So the resulting styles will look different.

Consider embellishing the finished bracelets with beads by threading more beading wire in and out of the knitted wire.  Use crimp beads to start and finish the extra beading wire.  Does this make sense?

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  1. This makes lots of sense - especially if you are going to use two wires to do the braiding with. If you use two wires pre-stringing beads on one wouldn't look right. But weaving a separate strand with beads on it would fit in nicely between the braiding.

    I've done this with a single wire that I pre-strung with beads and then braided. Turned out beautifully! But I've never used two strands of wire.

    1. Yes, encasing a prestrung strand of beads inside is a good idea. I like the two strands of wire especially with different colors as they add to the look of the piece!


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