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Joule Bracelet Lets You Wear Your Caffeine

You may have seen the Joule bracelet already. It's got quite the "buzz" on social media. Who knew so many welcome the chance of getting their caffeine kick simply by wearing a bracelet?  The Joule project has already successfully raised funding on Indiegogo to make this unusual jewelry a reality long before the campaign ends.

It does work.  The transdermal caffeine patch delivers the stimulant just the same way as nicotine patches do - through the skin.  The Toronto, Canada based co-founders are Adam Paulin who has a degree in neuroscience and psychology as well as Alex Kyruk (MD and Phd in medicine).

There are many reasons for wearing caffeine rather than drinking it! The slow release of caffeine over 4 hours means there are no crashes unlike when caffeinated drinks are consumed.  With no sugar, milk or cream involved, the Joule is certainly calorie-free. No stained teeth either.

Too much caffeine though is not good for your health. So the Joule bracelet could be used to help wean people off the stimulant.

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  1. Oh dear Gawds! That video cracked me up. So Canadian! Truly!

    This is an amazing idea. The technology is now so obvious isn't it? But - where is the joy? The simple joy of sitting down with a cup of coffee and relaxing. Enjoying your cup of joe before you start the day - just you - your coffee - and your email.

    Pretty soon we'll be taking our food through our skin. Yup - the Jetsons and beyond are soon to be our reality! :0)


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