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Does torch fired enameling make you a little queasy?  Consider using Iced Enamels instead.  All you would be brandishing is an embossing or heat gun*.   This pretty scrap metal tutorial by Johanna Love over on Stampington shows how easy it is to make an iced enamels embellished cuff.

You just add the enamels adhesive to where you want, add the enamel powder - remember to remove the excess before using the heat gun to set it.  Then add resin to seal the design.

Many jewelry suppliers including Stampington supply the Iced Enamels products.  Or you can have a look over on Amazon.  I especially love the  ICED Enamels : Turquoise color.

* N.B. Just in case you are wondering, hair dryers are not hot enough (heat too spread out) and have too much air flow.

Hat tip to Aims for this find!


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  1. Of course Turquoise is my favourite colour too! I tend to make a lot of things in that colour. Then there's copper too....the two together ....all of a sudden I could go on and on.

    This is a technique I've yet to try but it's very interesting and I've seen many examples of it done very well.

    1. I haven't used ice enamels yet but they are the way to go if the hot enamels version is not likely!


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