Always have some small projects at hand when working with epoxy resin or resin clay projects.  This precaution means you will be able to use up every last scrap of resin or resin clay you make up.  Here is a quick and easy tutorial where I did just that.

I used really tiny hole-less turquoise chips as well as these all in one Nunn Design Silver Plated Pewter Bezel Small Round Earrings  (they are also available in different metal colors and shapes).

Here is a good tip.  You need to rig up a levelling support anytime you use a bezel which does not lay flat. Such as in the bail of a bezel pendant or the ear hook part of these earring bezels.  So before you start, find two boxes or as you can see below, two equal stacks of empty CD cases.  The gap between the stacks allows the hook sections to drop below. The bezel needs to be level while the resin is curing.

I used Little Windows' Brilliant Resin **which I received for review a while ago. I like it for several reasons  - colorless, low bubble producer and good doming resin. ICE Resin is another good jewelry resin.  Just follow the instructions to make up the resin.

I had a little resin left over after my main projects were done. So I added a little mica powder - the Jacquard Pearl EX in"antique silver". Try Amazon for the set of Jacquard Pearl EX Set (Series 3) for about $20.  They also sell single pots over there. Michaels also sells them.

I added just a little of the colored resin to the bezels. Then I carefully placed the turquoise chips in the wet resin.  Then I placed the bezels on my CD case support system then covered the whole thing with a plastic container to keep the dust out.  I let the resin cure for 12-24 hours. I then added another doming layer of clear resin and let that cure thoroughly.

And that was it!!  Easy peasy. 

** If you wish to purchase any resin making supplies from Little Windows, use this code BG1516 for 15% off

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I used natural light, my iPhone 6S with the camera+ app and the Modahaus TS320 tabletop studio for the final earrings photo. The tutorial pictures are taken using artificial light in my windowless basement studio.  Check out my How to Photograph Jewelry Webinar .

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