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Easy Caged Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial

I have featured some of Gloria's (Domestic Diva Online) wire work tutorials before (see links below). They are relatively easy to do and at the same delivers a contemporary touch.  Her faux amber caged wire wrapped pendant tutorial can be used with many drilled gemstone nuggets.  I like how she wire wraps her bead sideways.

You can always adapt the frame size to fit your bead.

The frame is made with 16 G wire. The thick wire looks better!  If you have trouble working with this gauge, use soft wire. But remember you have to work harden with a hammer to make sure the frame stays in shape.

She used half round wire which gives the design a subtly different look as well as makes the wrapping a little easier.

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  1. I think that showcases that stone nicely.

    For me I would have to make the wraps at the top of the pendant a little neater - tucked in like all the rest. Those wider wraps are far too different from the rest. I know - I'm weird.

    1. It is challenging to wrap with such thick wire. But it is really down to personal preference.

  2. There is something about wire wrapping that I always find difficult and frustrating. So many wire wrapping projects look (to me) like all that wrapping has to occur in a small space: there are loops to go through, or tight corners to thread into, etc. It all means that *feet* of wire has to be somehow made into a small bundle and simultaneously unwound and pulled while wrapping. How do people do this without kinking up the wire all the time? My wire always looks like it has been bent and unbent a dozen times when the project is complete. Not pretty at all.

    1. There is nothing special about wire working. Just practice, practice, practice. Stick to it and soon your work will be pretty!!


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