Wire work is always a popular technique. But when a masterclass book comes out, interest soars. So it was the case with last week's giveaway of Rachel Norris' book. It is one of the most outstanding wire jewelry project books I have seen for a long while. And many of you agreed. Aims said, "What got me with your review Pearl was that the book is over 300 pages long and it's for 15 projects? Wow! Each project must have extremely detailed instructions (and templates too? Oh my!)!"

Lisa said, "I am doing some good pieces, but I could really use some clarification on best ways to wrap intricate designs, what to do first, second, how to finish off things." This book really takes you to a whole different level of wire work as you will be able to learn from an accomplished designer.

The lizard and horse got a few special mentions. As I said, it was so difficult to chose which projects to feature.  All of them were excellent.

So who was the lucky winner?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on random.org to do the picking. The winner is sis5of11!  Congratulations!

Missed out?  Get the book here.

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