Somewhere on a small Greek island in the middle of the Aegean Sea is the studio of a Greek metalsmith and leather craftsman, Nikos Douvogiannis, the artisan behind Tsirikaua.  He creates different kinds of jewelry and leather work but what stood out were his ancient warrior helmet inspired designs. 
Spartan Helmet Bracelets

The Spartan warrior helmet inspirations by Tsirikaua are bold and contemporary in design.  The simple lines team up with the metal textures. While the original helmets were meant for protection and the intimidation of enemies, these modern adornments are striking historical reminders of an ancient warrior class.

Sparta is one of the most famous Ancient Greek city states which reached its zenith as a militaristic (and ruthless) society in the 5th century BC.  Spartan men had only one profession -  soldier - beginning rigorous training at age 7. Spartan women were also athletically trained so they would be fit enough to bear healthy children.  It was incredibly tough to be a Spartan, if one was first deemed healthy enough to live after birth.  Weak babies were left out to die.

The most courageous and famous rear guard/last stand was the Battle of Thermophylae (480 BC) where just 300 Spartan (and several hundred other Greek allies) warriors held off a huge invading Persian army for 2 days before they were betrayed and overwhelmed. Persian losses were estimated at 20,000.

The Spartan helmet is a more open version of the Corinthian helmet. Corinth was another Ancient Greek city state.
Plumed Corinthian helmet ring

Also striking is this coin pendant design from the Tsirikaua collections. The replica coin "depicts on one side, a bunch of grapes, in honor of God Dionysus, and on the other side, the soldier’s helmet, in honor of the Sacred Band of Thiva."  Thiva is the modern Greek name for Thebes, another Ancient Greek city state. The Sacred Band of Thebes was an elite military group which was eventually defeated by Alexander the Great.

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