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One of the funniest things happened recently.  Crissy Dixon, the owner of Iguana Beads where I teach locally, called me to apologize profusely.  Her mother's dog, a Golden Retriever, had eaten my leather Viking Knit bangle!  It must have thought it was a rawhide toy. Crissy had the bangle at the bottom of her tote as she wanted to take it home and take a photo of it.

She had quite forgotten that I had written a tutorial for the design AND shared it on my Instagram. So in her initial panic, she thought the bracelet might have a magnetic clasp. A family member actually had a metal detector.  The metal detector sweep over one confused dog proved negative for anything metal.  This wasn't surprising as there was no magnetic clasp and the dog only ate the leather part!

After a few giggles, I reassured her I could easily remake and so I did. This time in red and with black and white lampwork beads and Parawire for the wire wrapping. The gorgeous end caps were courtesy of TierraCast.  I will undo the remains of the original bangle before washing and recycling the beads and end caps for another project.

There are a couple of useful lessons from this incident. First, a photo record of your creations is a worthwhile thing to do. If the design is given away, sold or lost, you have a reference to what it looked like. Often a photo is enough to jog your memory on how it was made.

But the second reason is the danger of magnets - especially the powerful rare earth ones - to small children (and pets) who might accidentally ingest them. So keep your magnetic clasps and jewelry with such findings safely stored away.  Very young children should not be wearing any jewelry in the first place.

Top and Bottom Photos : I used the Orangemonkie studio (which comes equipped with LED lights), my iPhone 6S and the Camera+ app. The Foldio2 is particularly affordable.
Middle Photo : I used natural light, my iPhone 6S with the ProCamera app and the Modahaus TS400 tabletop studio for final product photography.

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  1. OMG that was hilarious! but it is true that magnetic clasps are not to dealt with casually. In india infant jewelry is very common but there will not any clasps - the kids will wear bangles, earrings, chains or coins tied up with strings - nothing that the kid that pull apart or swallow

    1. Depends on the metal they are wearing. Remember that bangles and earrings etc can get caught in play.

  2. Beautiful bracelets!! Hope the dog is ok!!

  3. Good one Pearl.

    I've been reading that people with pacemakers shouldn't wear jewelry with magnetic clasps. Especially on a necklace. Good to know.

  4. Hi Pearl! This is too funny... loving he red bangle you made with black and white beads!!!

  5. That is just like "Sorry teacher. My dog at my homework" LOL. Dogs, puppies, GOATS, and small children have no business being around this variety of gnawers and eaters!! Even with the missing part of the first bracelet, your bracelet was unusual and beautiful. I will probably purchase this book soon. I am currently in the middle of some other projects. I enjoy seeing and making unusual items. I am very glad that your book was sent to me on my "Books you will like" newsletter.

    1. LOL! Yes, that reminded of the familiar student refrain. Thanks for your kind compliments on my work!


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