Polymer clay cuffs are rigid so they have to be hinged to fit wrists properly.  Sona Grigoryan has an amazing wire hinged polymer clay cuff tutorial.  It also has a magnetic clasp.  The wire hinge is beautifully engineered and is embedded in two polymer clay base layers.  She also makes the effect to cover the hinge itself with clay. The magnet is also tucked in well. The finish is most professional!

She shares the pattern over on her website. You will have to adjust it if the cuff does not fit your wrist.

As you can see from this mid-process view, she uses a soda can to shape not just the clay but also to help curve the internal hinge. She also has to use her tools to coax the wire shape.

Her polymer clay tutorial is the first one I've seen which uses a halogen oven like this one for the baking!

H/T to Aims for this find.

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